Programming or Painting

Programmers == The People

Today, we live in an era in which statistics show that the community of programmers will increase drastically presently. We will have about 50 million software engineers across the globe. So who are they? They are folks. Software became pop. However, there will be a giant gap between a mid-programmer and the exceptional one.

This repetitive pattern has been observed since the emergence of society discretely. There were always intellectuals who leads, and others who follow them. In recent years, the Internet and Computers are some of the significant novel achievements in human history. Hence, the community of programmers has increased. However, that’s not the thing …

There is no Best Practice

We should notice that today’s “best practices” lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried. Technology is a great point of difference, as you can hit the ground and capture all the market. Think about Tesla; think about how it changes the automobile industry and forces its competitors to react. It’s all about technology, and today’s technology is The Internet and the Computer. But we could not predict what will be soon. Which one has more potential market? Augmented Reality? or Cloud Services? or Crypto? We should accept that we could not predict more than 5 years. But also, we could leverage from now to say that today’s best practices are not good enough to last.

Artists Lead

As we look at history, we found that technology has always existed. In wars, technology brought a great advantage as the enemy could not resist. In the Russo-Persian war series in 1804–1805[1], the pivot of the matter that caused the Iranian army defeated was they didn’t benefit from the invention of firearms. Societies always try to gain more advantages from technologies. Today’s main war is the economy. And the reason some technologies had emerged is that some intellectuals were trying to solve old-existing problems. And then it propagates.

A painting which is related to 1814–1815 picturing victorious of Abbas Mirza

The way this happens is related to Artists. Artistic thinking about practical problems is a tough way. They focus on the problem, try their solutions, and encourage others to boost their probability of success by using the introduced solution.

Artistic Programmers

There has been a debate that if we should reinvent things or not. Individuals focus on the products and not the solution. Think about long since debate related to Mac or Linux. People bias about the instruments. Issues that had nothing to do with problems. The intellectual programmer does not reinvent the wheel or, if he did, just as a matter of practice and insight. Artistic programmers try to solve real issues, not dreamy ones. In today’s world, many integrations help people to develop easily, and of course, it will be more in the future. But we should focus on problems like how we can solve banking problems, and then block-chain answers would arise.


Due to the economy, when something becomes popular, the price of compliment products increase. Owing to this fact, if the software becomes popular, software engineers capable of thinking differently will lead the world. So, although there would be more programmers, there will still be a lack of artistic thinking.



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