Figure it Right, Find a Thriving Path for your Journey as a Small Tech Business

All valuable resources came to exist by authors who speculated about something or faced some challenges and then wrote down their solutions and provided some piece of advice. Ultimately, readers enjoy the author's perspective about subjects at his hand and try to leverage their perspective in their everyday routines. As I looked back into my Journey, I wish I had known some underlying facts that the media do not tell us sooner and with lower costs. So I decided to write down the book Figure it Right for entrepreneurs and leaders in technology to understand how to act when they do not have the resources that giant companies have. People in business have written many books in our era with enormous resources. They do not fear reinventing the wheel or putting a lot of resources into research and development. But the key is how you could survive in a capital game as a small tech company and create a compelling foundation that you could count on.

I wrote down this book for myself first, to reconsider the path that I passed. And then, for all of my teammates, to get more familiar with lessons that we learned in Wish Work. And last, I published the book for people located somewhere without unlimited resources. As we all know, businesses that are located in the US have many resources that many companies do not have. And for this reason, much advice from these companies won't work for other businesses.

As an entrepreneur, I always ask myself how I could deliver the best possible outcome for my society and turn the company into a billion-dollar company. If you look at the articles I have written, you find a connection between them. All of them try to answer this question, and as Wish Work begins to be fortunate, I think these writings help me through this way.

For readers that may be interested in this subject, I listed the titles of the book here. I hope that my book will lighten paths for some.

CHAPTER 1 — Where it Begins

  • First it First
  • Story is Everything
  • Experience for Experience
  • Role Play Game

CHAPTER 2 — Through the Work

  • Async Function
  • Define the Problem
  • Cut in Half
  • Know the Philosophy

CHAPTER 3 — Culture

  • Play rather than Pressure
  • You are Your Product
  • Time is not the Point, Result is
  • Explicit is better than Implicit
  • Ask Real Help
  • Don’t Scale Inside



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